Monday, December 14, 2015

SESERI changed the way i think about my hair....

Believe it or not, it's true.

So, before this, i did not really like my own hair. I mean, it's black. I know it's a normal thing since i'm Asian, but, that's what made me - not really hate it, but just doesn't like it so much. I mean, it's so typical. I wanted it to be different.

Well, when i was a little kid, i like my hair color the way it is. But, when i was ten or eleven, and i started to watch anime and other stuffs, i wanted my hair to be red. I mean red, not orange or something. Scarlet red, to be exact. I tried to find a photo of the hair color, but, unfortunately, i'm not very artsy and i don't really know how scarlet red looks like and how is it different from red.

Then, when i was thirteen - i think, i watched fairy tail and i just love Erza's hair. The red shade of her hair is my dream hair color. When i surf the net a wee bit, i found out that the shade of her hair is scarlet red. I still remembered that day, i was so thrilled.

I just love her hair

Then, also when i was thirteen, i started to accept my black hair. But, i wanted my hair to have streaks. Sometimes i wanted it to have blue streaks, sometimes red, sometimes gold and blablabla. At one point, i even wanted it to have lots of streaks with different colors - red, blue, purple, green, gold, etc. Crazy, i know.

And finally, when i was fifteen, i made up my mind. I wanted my hair to be blonde. I shared this idea with my dear friend. And fortunately, she's as crazy as i am. Crazier, maybe. Anyway, she even helped me to pick a shade from the many shades of blondes. She suggested honey blonde, strawberry blonde and some more. But, i wanted something lighter. So, i settled on light golden blonde as my first choice.

I actually like the color of ash blonde as it has this bold look - to me, at least, so, i decided light ash blonde as my second preference. Besides that, i also like white blonde. Not the white white, just the very light blonde. So, that became my third preference.

So, how SESERI changed the way i think of my hair? Well, before i came to SESERI, nobody - i mean, nobody, ever complimented my hair. But, since i went to SESERI, some of them complimented it. Not because of the color, of course. But still, someone actually like my hair. So, one day, i look into the mirror and stared at it for a long time. And i realized, my hair is pretty.

So, for girls out there, who experiences the same thing as me, just go to the mirror and look at yourself. Look at your hair and how it makes you beautiful. How the color is the best color for you. Appreciate what you have as God have given what's best for you.

That's all for now. I'll write again soon.

p/s: i still want my hair to be blonde, though. :P

Thursday, November 05, 2015

1 SFD mistake

Ok, so today, i got my English result. And guess what, just 1 damn mark for me to get an A.

If only i didn't make that one stupid mistake. Really stupid mistake.

If only i wrote 'Into the valley of Death' instead of 'Theirs but to do and die'. Then i'll get an A.

Or if only i answered 'consisting' instead of 'comprising'.

Or if only i didn't write present tense where i'm supposed to write past tense.

But, anyhow, it's the past. And the past cannot be altered.

But the thing that makes me stress is the fact that i only need 1 damn mark to get an A

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Bored till the last drop

Ok, so, since exam's over, i don't really know what to do. I mean, all this while, in this school, it was so busy that there was no time to do nothing. There was always activity. But now, there's so much time with so little thing to do.

So, until now, the only thing i've done so far is watching movies with my dormmates and reading novels. And sleep. That's my life now. Novels, movie, sleep and chat. Oh, and also, youtube. I actually opened it every single day just to check if there are any new music videos. What a life.

I was thinking, maybe i should start writing. A novel, maybe. But, i'm not much of a writer. Besides, my English is still not good enough. Grammar mistakes everywhere.

Thursday, October 29, 2015


EXAM IS OVER!            EXAM IS OVER!            EXAM IS OVER!
   EXAM IS OVER!            EXAM IS OVER!            EXAM IS OVER!
      EXAM IS OVER!            EXAM IS OVER!            EXAM IS OVER!
         EXAM IS OVER!            EXAM IS OVER!            EXAM IS OVER!
            EXAM IS OVER!            EXAM IS OVER!            EXAM IS OVER!
         EXAM IS OVER!            EXAM IS OVER!            EXAM IS OVER!
      EXAM IS OVER!            EXAM IS OVER!            EXAM IS OVER!
   EXAM IS OVER!            EXAM IS OVER!            EXAM IS OVER!
EXAM IS OVER!            EXAM IS OVER!            EXAM IS OVER!

Monday, October 12, 2015

How things change

How can it be like this?
How did this all started?
Why can't we be like how we used to?
Why does it have to be like this?
I hate this...
This awkwardness....
This hatred.....
This...... THIS!!

Although we're not technically bonded
At least we're in peace
Living together under one roof

But then things change

They declared war on us

Friday, October 09, 2015

Annual Dinner

Hey guys. Not so long since i last wrote. So, now that i have free time, i'm gonna tell ya guys about my Librarians Annual Dinner which was held  last 5 October.

So, in my school, we have annual dinner for every special bodies. From prefects, to Quarter Master. We, the form 4s of each bodies have to organize it.

Okay, straight to the point. The librarians annual dinner was held at Hotel Istana. It's in KL. It's like, 15 minutes journey from my school. It is a 5-star hotel, so, you get the idea.

So, we arrived at about 2030, and stayed till about 2130. The food was wonderful, the hotel was pretty, I actually have a good time. Eventhough there was a little issue at first, but then, it goes on smoothly. Honestly, i never expected it to be amazing, so when it turns out just fine, i actually felt happy.

I don't have much time. So, that's all. Tata

Friday, October 02, 2015

How reckless of me.....

Ok, so, because our outing has been cancelled due to the haze, i decided to fulfill my promise. I am going to tell you guys about the accident in Chemistry Lab.

So, it happened last Thursday. For Chemistry that day, our teacher asked us to do an experiment on neutralisation - titration method -. I partnered up with my friend. We start gathering the apparatuses and materials and put it on our working table. So, after that, I set up the burette while my friend pipetted the sodium hydroxide solution. So, after setting up the burette, i put the retort stand on a lab chair so that the 0.00 reading is direct with my eye level. After adjusting it a bit, i started to pour hydrochloric acid into the burette. But, I poured it excessively until it is over the 0.00 reading. So, as the teacher asked us to make sure it is accurate, I put the beaker under the tip and start turning the stopcock. But, no liquid came out so, i turn a bit more and the acid started flowing heavily. I panicked. I turned the stopcock to stop the acid from flowing, but i turned the wrong way, It started to flow more heavily. Realising that, i quickly turned the stopcock the other way and my hands ACCIDENTLY pushed the beaker underneath the tip and BAM! The acid has stopped flowing but the beaker fell to the floor and broke. I was like "Teacher!!! I didn't mean to!". And the teacher was like, "Haaa! Told you to be careful. Now pay. That thing is expensive". And I was like, "I didn't mean to. It was accident". Then the teacher asked me what is in the beaker. I told her that it was hydrochloric acid. Then the teacher asked me to ask the lab assistant for a broom and a dustpan. Then, the teacher asked us to move to other table. So, my friend moved the thing while i swept the broken glass.

After that, we continued our experiment. It goes well except for the 2nd reading. My friend poured the acid over the 0.00 reading and i turned the stopcock later than supposed to. So, we messed up our second reading. And it affects our average reading so, our last solution - the one we did without the indicator using the average volume of acid obtained from the three experiments before it - becomes acidic. I still have the pH paper with me.

Anyway, I don't know what's wrong with me that day. I don't know why i'm so reckless. But, what's done is done.

That's all. I'm going for . Bye

Thursday, October 01, 2015

Summary of what to come

Ok, so today i'm not gonna write long entries as i have limited time. I'll try to write during this Saturday or Sunday. So, in my next entry, i'm going to tell you guys about the recent experiment i did for Chemistry.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Back to school tomorrow

Tomorrow, i'm going back to KL. Back to school. Huh. I am going to miss home.

Anyway, i've watched Disney Descendants. It's ok. I've wanted to watch it since i knew about it which was early this year.

And, i've bought The Fate of Ten. Aaaaaaaa!! I'm damn happy.

And, i also saw this book at the bookstore

but i didn't buy it. But I am gonna buy it one day. Now, i'm waiting for this book to come out.

Ok. That's all for now. Bye.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015


Okay, straight to the point. I wanna tell you guys about my experience in joining SESERI i-Bowls. It's an international Bowling, Speech, Science Innovation and Pidato competition organized by my school.

So, I'm not a contestant, but I'm a buddy partner. Well, since it is an international competition, some school from other country also took part. So, as buddy partners, our task is basically, to be with them most of the time. To introduce them to our country, our culture, to be friends with them, to be the person where they can ask for help in time of need and so on.I'm sure you get the idea.

So, my friend and I get a buddy. Yes, the two of us get a buddy. Well, we got a boy. But, he's not handsome. LOL. Ok, i know i'm bad. But, it's the truth.

Ok, i've got this one friend who was also a buddy partner. She got a 13-year old boy. The same age as my brother. And taller than me. I think he may be a bit shorter than JD. MAYBE. I don't know. It's not that I can measure his height. But, the thing is, I felt insecure when standing beside him. I mean, he's tall. And I feel so short. I know it's normal for a boy to be taller than a girl, especially since he's a German boy and I'm an Asian.

I've got some pictures that i took along the week. But, I'm not sure about posting it online where everyone can see it. You know, for safety reason.

Well, I think that's all for now.

Oh, and one more thing to close this post, just want to tell you, that i'm now a fan of Shawn Mendes, And it's all thanks to my friend.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Since THE incident, my life here is like HELL

I tried to make life here like a fantasy, but it turned out being hell in earth. I don't know what to do. I wish I could turn back time. That way, I can live a better life here.

Honestly, I do feel guilty and sorry for what I did. IT WAS AN ACCIDENT. It's not like I planned it. I really didn't notice her name there. If I do, I won't use it. Now, I don't know what to do. Her whole class now targeted me! Looks like life here is worse than I thought.

Okay, I apologised to her. I just hope she forgive me. That's all. If she didn't, well, what can I do, I apologized, it's up to her to forgive or not. But seriously, why does the whole class has to target me? Hello, they're in the top class. NUMBER 1 class. The FIRST class. Can't they be more matured?

Well, one thing I learnt. If you do even a single tiny-winy mistake here, as a junior, you will be targeted by the seniors. Urgh. I hate seniority.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Blogggin in malay? Hmmm. that can be considered...

I was looking at the overview when i saw this suggestion.
Why not blog in malay? blablabla
So,  that's what i'm gonna do. I actually used to blog in malay, but, because i want to make my english better, i decided to start writing in english.

Jadi, lagi beberapa hari kita akan menyambut Hari Raya Aidilfitri. Kedai mesti tengah penuh sekarang ni. Semua orang nak beli baju raya. Well, kalau bukan sebab aku kat asrama, mesti aku diantara orang-orang tu. Shopping raya. KL mesti sesak.

3 hari termasuk hari ni, then aku akan balik rumah!! Yeay!! Tak sabarnya!

Saturday, May 09, 2015

Curse you, Chunky Stealer

My chunky was stolen AGAIN! I repeat, AGAIN! i really don't understand the thief. There are lots other more expensive chocolates in the fridge. But still, my chunky became the victim. I f--king hate whoever she is.

RIP. Beloved KitKat Chunky

Friday, May 01, 2015


Today is Labor Day. And while other school lets the students go back home, mine doesn't. So, here i am, stuck at school.

So today, my friend's mom came. She brought lunch. My friend invited me to join her, so i did. And it was the first time in about 2 months that i eat using my hand.  It feels sooooo awkward. Well, here at my school we have to use fork and spoon. So, it feels awkward.

Friday, April 17, 2015

- feeling disappointed :( #2

I feel guilty. I really do. But I have my reason for ignoring her. I'm disappointed in her. I always helped her, but she doesn't even help me. Why can't she just take it with her? Is it really that hard? I really am disappointed.

To my friend, if you read this -which i doubt you will- I'm sorry for ignoring ya. I can't really say it within near future as I have quite an ego. I admit that. Again, i'm sorry.

I'm thinking to redesign my blog someday....

Monday, April 13, 2015

PISA camp day 2

The second day was fun. There are three slots altogether. Science, math and reading. The science one was fun. I love the parachute experiment. That's the highlight of the slot. For science, we are divided into the same group as yesterday. And my friend has finally conquered her fear. And she's kinda over-excited today.

Math is okay but a bit boring. As for reading, we are divided into new groups. I'm in group 4 along with 2 other girl from my school, 3 ASIS boys, 2 SMSS boys and 1 SM(M)W girl. It's kinda fun to be in group with them, although a little bit hectic. Lots of funny things happen today. Especially with them.

One of it is at station number 1 -which is the eighth station for us as we start at the fourth station-, the topic there is hand-wash. There are three activity there. We took a very long time to finish the first task, so when we just bout to start the third task, the whistle which means we have to move to another station was heard. But the teacher said it's okay to finish it first as no other team was coming yet. So, the third task is, we have to think of a way to wash hands without water. And so, the guys' babbles began. At last minute, we chose leaf. We have to draw a flow map on how to wash hand using that thing. The one's gonna do the flow map is actually a girl from my school. But, upon seeing she write too slow -my guess is, she wanna make sure her writing is beautiful in front of the boys-, I took the pen from her and began scribbling.

Choose a suitable leaf. -> Rub your hands with the leaf until they are clean -> Throw away the leaf

The funniest part is the throw away the leaf. I actually laugh when writing it and they laughed when saying it.

It's getting late. I'll write again sometimes. Till then. Bye

Sunday, April 12, 2015

PISA camp day 1

Today i went to SASS for PISA camp. And guess what, it's not as boring as i thought it would be. It's kinda fun, actually. And the school's prettier than mine. Today's the first day, so the first slot is ice-breaking. We were divided into 12 groups according to our rows. My friend and I are in the same group. So, our group consists of 6 girls from my school including me, a girl and 3 boys from SMKC -i can't remember what it stands for- and 6 boys from ASIS. And they're all sporting, except for the girl, she's just so quiet.

So the first thing we have to do is to create a name and cheer for our team. And the name must have the word PISA in it. It's kinda lame.... So, our group name is PISA-vengers. And as for the cheer, we actually use Dendro's cool-fool cheer. And the presenter actually like our cheer. Haha.

Next, we play give-give-give-take-give. And we actually succeeded once. But, at that time, the presenters weren't looking, so we gotta do it again. And this time, we failed. :'(  After that, we play bom-bom and XY. And we have to answer a few question regarding our interest of PISA. Oh, and one thing i learn after playing XY is....

Those who back-stab others will not succeed.

The second slot is learning about SDS and i can't remember the other one. And i was answering the PISA when Ms. Aida ask me if the question is difficult. So, me as an honest person said, "It's not so hard. The practices is harder". And she said,"I'm so glad to hear that". Haha

Well, that's all for me. Maybe i'll write again tomorrow. Till then. Bye

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Dreams shattered

Ergh! I hate this assignment. It's sooooo tiring. I don't even know what topic i'm gonna do. And tomorrow, i'll be going for a PISA camp. And my dream of waking up later than usual shattered,

Sunday, April 05, 2015


I just got my own portable wifi!! Yeay!

But still, i am kinda sad cuz i didn't get to see my dad in person and thank him. Hmmmm.....

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

I got a laptop!!!

My dad just bought me a laptop!!!! Aaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! Well, although its not my dream laptop, but its fine. I still like it. I'm grateful for it. Why? Because my dad bought me because i simply ask for it. Not because i get good grades or whatever. That's why i'm gonna take good care of it.

That's all for now. Bye

Wednesday, March 04, 2015

- feeling dissapointed :(

Till today, it's been a week since i started at the Science School. And, i'm feeling terrible homesick. I really wanna go home. If i got a chance to go back to my old school, i think i'll take it. But, unfortumately, there's none.

Still, i can't believe i miss my family. Now i realized that i love them after all.

Here, nothing is like what i thought it would be. It'scompletely different. I wonder how Bina is doing in SAMURA. I really wanna talk to her. Ergh! I hate this silence. It makes me think. And i don't wanna think. Especially about home. It makes me sad and i'll question my decision of coming here.

Living here makes me realize that after all this while, i love my old school. All this time, i've been eager to leave the school, but now, i wanna go there again. I miss Cikgu Aisah. I actually think of her on my first bio class here. I wonder how Nisa is doing. I'm sure she fits in well.n Well, she's a nice girl. Who wouldn't like her, right?


I wanna go home. I wanna meet my friends. I wanna meet my family. I actually miss them. I can't believe myself. I can't believe i actually miss Akif and Luq. They're like the most annoying bros EVER!

A week to go before i finally can go back home for a week holiday. I really hope i can meet Bina, Anisa, Wawa and Jiha. Farah? I don't know. Maybe i could meet up with her. I really wanna know how she's doing in Kelantan. Wonder if she's speaking Kelantanese. Haha. I can't imagine she speak Kelantanese.

That's all for now. Stay updated. Bye

I'm not sure i miss my buddy. Haha #jk  of course i don't.

Sunday, February 08, 2015

After all this time, turns out i'm right

Ok, so i suspected that my best friend's crush is my buddy. And guess what, i'm right. Well, its actually kinda obvious that my friend likes him.

When i finally find out who her crush is, i was like ''Omygod! I knew it! I knew it all along!'' And then she said ''I know you figured it out. But i just dont wanna tell you''.

Ok. Change of topic. Today i'm gonna do an x-ray test. Oh and, i've been accepted to a full-expenses boarding school. It's actually a Science School. That means, i can start a new life. A new memory.

And yesterday, i figured out why my dad encouraged me to learn Accounting Principle. I figured it out when reading 'Rich Dad, Poor Dad'. Why i read that book? My dad asked me to. And i have no book to read.

That's all for now. Stay updated.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

8 reasons why you should watch "Into the Woods"

I watched Into the Woods last night and it was AWESOME!!! It's like the best musical movie ever! So, here are few reasons why i think people should watch it.

This is just my opinions. Soooooo, it might be nonsense. lol

Reason #1
The actor and actresses
Admit it, we tend to watch movies if our favorite actors are in it.

Actor #1
Johnny Depp
Who doesn't know him? He's like the best actor EVER! In this movie, he's not the main cast. He's more like special appearance. He portrayed the "Big Bad Wolf". And like in the movies "Sweeney Todd: Demon Barber of Fleet Street", "Alice In the Wonderland" and so many more, he sings . I actually downloaded the song he sang in this movie. Haha

Actor #2
Anna Kendrik
For those who watch "Pitch Perfect" will surely know her. In this movie, she portrays Cinderella, one of the main characters.

Actor #3
Chris Pine
What I like about this guy is, he has a pair of beautiful blue eyes. He once portrayed Captain Kirk in the 2006's "Star Trek" and its sequel, 2013's "Star Trek Into the Darkness". In "Into the Woods", he portrayed The Prince. But tbh, i like him  better as Capt. Kirk.

Actor #4
Emily Blunt
I don't know much about her, but i know that she starred in "Edge of Tomorrow" alongside Tom Cruise. In this movie, she portrayed The Baker's Wife.

The other casts in this movie includes Meryl Streep, James Corden, Christine Baranski and Mackenzie Mauzy.

Reason #2
It's a musical
Who doesn't like musical, right?

Reason #3
It's a tale-spin of the stories of our favorite fairytale characters
This movie ties the story of Cinderella, Jack and the Beanstalk, Little Red Riding Hood and Rapunzel to a story of a baker and his wife -portrayed by James Corden and Emily Blunt- who're determined to undo the curse that have been placed by the witch -portrayed by Meryl Streep- because of the baker's father's doings.

Reason #4
Watch the movie and you'll know the reason

Reason #5
Just watch it, you won't regret it

Reason #6
Oh please, like you need a reason to watch it - feeling annoyed

Reason #7
Just. Watch. It.
If you're interested in watching it online, here's a link. Click HERE.
For more links, click HERE.

Reason #8
I gave the link for free online watch. You don't have to spend even a single cent.
But, in order to support the film industry, why don't you go to a cinema and watch it on the big screen. Or just wait till the DVD and Blu-Ray are out. Then you can buy it and watch it over and over again.

Well, i think that's it. Stay updated. Bye

Saturday, January 10, 2015

OH.EM.JI! He IS a fraud!

I knew it! I always knew it! From the first time i surf the net and found an actor with the same name, i suspected that he's a fraud! And i'm right!

Ohemji!!! I still can't believe the fact that i'm right all along. I really gotta tell my friend about this. I wonder how'll she react. Probably not as excited as me, but i still wanna tell her.

Anyway, i moved on. My atl fangirl days are over. I'm now a Swiftie! Yaay! haha. As my friend once say, ''New Year, New Music''. lol

She also told me once that i'm not a loyal person when it comes to music. I think she's right. Anyway, who cares. I don't.

Ok, back to the fraud topic. I don't really think it's bad that he uses other name. Lots of people does that. It's kinda normal in a world of social networking. At least that's what i think. Even i use a different name for my facebook at some point of a time.

Eventhough the name's not real, i really hope that the life story he told me is real. If it's not, i really am gonna be mad at him.

But, when i come to think of it, i have no rights to be mad at him. It's social network after all. It's dangerous to reveal your true self. Even if the person seems nice. ESPECIALLY if the person seems nice. Not that you're free to tell a person who seems bad about yourself. To be frank, just be cautious.

Ok. Got to go. I just made a new friend. Yaay! Hope this one's not a fraud. lol. I'll write again soon. Till then. Bye