Saturday, January 10, 2015

OH.EM.JI! He IS a fraud!

I knew it! I always knew it! From the first time i surf the net and found an actor with the same name, i suspected that he's a fraud! And i'm right!

Ohemji!!! I still can't believe the fact that i'm right all along. I really gotta tell my friend about this. I wonder how'll she react. Probably not as excited as me, but i still wanna tell her.

Anyway, i moved on. My atl fangirl days are over. I'm now a Swiftie! Yaay! haha. As my friend once say, ''New Year, New Music''. lol

She also told me once that i'm not a loyal person when it comes to music. I think she's right. Anyway, who cares. I don't.

Ok, back to the fraud topic. I don't really think it's bad that he uses other name. Lots of people does that. It's kinda normal in a world of social networking. At least that's what i think. Even i use a different name for my facebook at some point of a time.

Eventhough the name's not real, i really hope that the life story he told me is real. If it's not, i really am gonna be mad at him.

But, when i come to think of it, i have no rights to be mad at him. It's social network after all. It's dangerous to reveal your true self. Even if the person seems nice. ESPECIALLY if the person seems nice. Not that you're free to tell a person who seems bad about yourself. To be frank, just be cautious.

Ok. Got to go. I just made a new friend. Yaay! Hope this one's not a fraud. lol. I'll write again soon. Till then. Bye

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