Sunday, October 30, 2016

1 angka ja lagi...

Pejam, celik, pejam, celik
8 days till SPM
How time flies
Never thought i will be this old
How i miss being a child

Thursday, October 13, 2016

How I wish I brought my camera

I went to Bukit Jalil Sports School yesterday
And guess what?
I forgotten my camera!
How sad is that

Now I have no picture of me in that school
And I may never step foot there again
What a waste
Just ganna hope that the memory stays in my mind

Anyway, yesterday has been great
It's fun to have a collaboration with other school
Instead of with the same school over and over again

Thanks BJSS for the wonderful collaboration!!
And also a big thanks to my groupmates
From SESERI, Puteri and Fatin
From BJSS, Zikry, Syafiq and Iqbal
Hope you guys made it to Olympics!!

Oh. And all the best for SPM too

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

From a dozen, now just one

Me and my family
We used to have cats
But not really a dozen
Just 9

The first generation
They were found by my mom
Their previous owners were trying to get rid of them
At the shop lots
So my mom took them home
They are PitPit, LitLit, and TitTit

A few months later
TitTit died
Bacterial infection
He was bitten by some rats
According to the vet
So that leaves PitPit and LitLit

Then PitPit gave birth to four kittens
YangLang, Butsu, TotTot and Baba
LitLit gave birth to Didi and Lulu

We gave her to a friend
But the person ended up getting rid of her
We tried to look for her
And we found her
But she doesn't want to come home
So that leaves PitPit, LitLit, YangLang, TotTot, Baba, Didi and Lulu

I still remembers Baba
The pampered, cute Baba
He likes to play with my mom's artificial flower
Which she displays as decoration
Baba was really one of a kind
We really love him
Then, when my mom moves out of the house
Baba went missing
We searched for him
But we couldn't find him
He's dead, we thought......
That leaves PitPit, LitLit, YangLang, TotTot, Didi and Lulu

Then PitPit left us
She moved to a neighbour's house
The girl likes PitPit a lot, I think
She always bring PitPit to her house
Till one day
PitPit didn't come home
So we knew she had a new owner
Sometimes later,
When me and my siblings were riding our bikes around the neighbourhood
We would meet PitPit
She would come to our bikes and we will play with her for a little while
Then she will go back to her new home
So that leaves LitLit, YangLang, TotTot, Didi and Lulu

Didi was a real loud kitten
But her twin, Lulu can't mew
Her voice just didn't come out
One day,
Didi went missing
We searched for her
We also found her at a neighbour's house
We were sad to let her go
But we were glad that she found a good home
With good people who loves cats
And that leaves LitLit, YangLang, TotTot and Lulu

Before my dad moved to Perlis
TotTot died
TotTot have this curly shorttail
He tried to be cute
But he got this cat gangster face
He died of sickness, i think
He fought lots of cats
Till he have lots of scratches all over him
I'm not really there when he died
I was already in boarding school
And what's left is LitLit, YangLang and Lulu

This last three cats went with my father to Perlis
YangLang ran away as soon as she arrived in Perlis
My grandma said
That sometimes she saw her
But when she calls out to her
She ran away again
So, only LitLit and Lulu left

The, just now
I got a news
A sad news
Lulu was missing
And it happened about a month ago
I was devastated that no one told me about it
I mean, Lulu was unique
She was a long-haired type of cat
Although her mother was just a short-haired cat
Despite that, Lulu was a cat gangster
Like her mother
According to my grandma and brother
Lulu escaped from her cage
And she jumped out of the car as soon as the car door was opened
And that was at Putrajaya

So now, only LitLit remains
She is with us from the beginning till now
For that, we are thankful
To all the other cats
Although i doubt cats read blogs
Just want you guys to know, you will always be remembered
In our minds and our brains

p/s: I really hope i have their pictures....
p/s: I'm actually listening to sad songs while typing this very long post... Thanks spotify, for the playlist of sad songs which really matches my mood

Monday, September 05, 2016

2 subjects, 6 papers to go

So, tomorrow's gonna be chemistry
Since i'm done studying, i decided  to chill out  a bit

So, the headmistress does not allow us to bring laptop to class anymore.
But, since i need music
I decided to use the class desktop
For youtube
The best thing is, the internet is damn good

Friday, September 02, 2016

I dreamt last night

It was a very happy dream...
And i actually felt like crying when i woke up...
I mean, it was so good that i really hope it was real
Ya know?
How cool is it if it was real

Ok, so what dream was i rambling about?
I dreamt that i met 5 Seconds of Summer!!
And me and my friend actually chatted with Luke as though we were buddies...
Oh, how i wish dreams do come true

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Final badminton men's singles Rio 2016... and I watched Suicide Squad

I watched it.
Live streaming at Youtube.
First time.
It was fun.
Watched with friends...
In the dorm.
A new memory with beloved dormmates.
Thank you Ayah for the internet.
Really appreciate it.

Chong Wei didn't win.
It was a nice game though.
Congrats to all the winners.
Chen Long, Lee Chong Wei and Viktor Axelsen.

Anyway, we -my friends and I- watched Suicide Squad.
It was great!
I will watch it again someday...

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

We did our last outreach yesterday

Finally, we finished all our outreaches.
From physics, to bio and chemistry, and finally addmaths.
It was tiring.
I mean, three wednesdays in a row.
But it was fun, too.
I enjoyed WeChem the best.
I felt like all my hard work and all the money I spent for the board is worth it.
I get to explain to people and make them understand the topic.
It felt good, you know.
This may sound a wee bit selfish - especially seeing how most people are worn out - but i really wish we could do it again.
All the outreaches, i mean.
Physics Outreach, Bio Fast Forward, WeChem and AddMathsGold.
It was truly a good way for us to enhance our teaching skills and understanding on the topics.
Most people would probably say, 'If they wanna do another outreach, i'm out'.
But, don't the think it's good that we can meet new people, and make new friends.
Although, me myself was not that chatty type of person.
Unlike most other people.
I'm basically incognito.
I tried to become chatty, but it will turn out awkward.
Sometimes I wish i get the friendly trait my mom has.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Wanted to watch Star Trek, but ended up watching Lights Out

Based on the title above, that's what happened to me a day ago.
My friends and I went for our outing.
We went for a movie.
I wanna watch Star Trek.
But my friends do not.
I wanna buy the tickets for Star Trek.
But the showtime was from 1400 to 1600.
And the showtime for Lights Out was from 1330 to 1500.
Since our outing was only from 1100 to 1700, our time was really limited.
So, I decided to join my friends to watch Lights Out.
Turns out, it was kinda good.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Exam's over. So now....

I've watched Quantico's last episode.
So now, I only need to catch up on Arrow.
Which I am very far behind.
Last time I watched, it was the second season.
Now there's already four of them.
Wonder if i'll be able to catch up....

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Tomorrow's Bio and so far.... nothing

I hate Bio
I've been reading
But, so far, nothing
Still doesn't understand
Wonder how i'm gonna sit for the exam tomorrow :(
I even downloaded mind maps from the Internet

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Still in exam week

Still in midterm season.
But, since tomorrow's gonna be Modern Maths, i'm kinda relaxed.
The first time of relaxing since the beginning of this week, in fact.

Now my friend is sharing a sad story.
About her cousin.
Whom last words to her was, I miss you......

Wednesday, May 04, 2016

I should be studying, not watching some tv show

I should be studying right now.
Mid-term is next week!
I really should start revising.
Now that i've done watching the 20th episode, i'm kinda relaxed.
But, not really.
I mean, episode 21 will  be aired next week!
I hate this life....

Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

What is life without laptop

Ergh! I really need a laptop right now.....

I hope dad ordered a laptop for me....

I really need a laptop cuz i'm feeling ergh right now... I can't listen to new songs, and i can't watch new movie trailers or even Runningman... Ergh

And I hope dad let me go to LA..... And so do mom...

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Sunday, March 13, 2016

There are two sides of everyone

Everyone have two sides. A public one, and a hidden one. The first one is publicly displayed, so that everyone can see it. But the second one......

The second one only arises when the person is either alone, or in a place where only few people around. So, basically, it is a side where people hardly see.

Not all person can see the other side of someone, either they are too distracted to notice it or they do not even want to acknowledge it. So, whoever sees the other side of someone, they are actually lucky. Why? It is because you know something about that person that not many knows. It is their true self.

You must be wondering why I suddenly write about this. Well, because today, I saw something, a part of someone that i never thought existed within her. A part that is too different from the one she shows in public.

I watched it and can't wait for the next episode

Omygod. I finally get to watch Quantico episode 12. And, now i'm thrilled for the next episode. I'm gonna watch it tonight. Yaaay....

Tuesday, March 08, 2016

2nd Mini Giveaway by Tashira

Ok, looks like now I'm addicted to giveaways.

So, i don't have a facebook account and i use postpaid. :) 

Thursday, March 03, 2016

Giveaway Holiday Bersama Mak Long!

Second giveaway..... Hahaha. For those in Malaysia, jom lah join...

Untuk memedahkan pihak penganjur, ni link insta saya

Sunday, January 31, 2016

I have to wait till March?! Seriously?!!

I'm happy that i finally knew that there will be a new episode. But i'm devastated that i have to wait till March to watch it.


So this series i'm talking about is Quantico. I actually started to watch the show because i have finished watching all seasons of CSI. But then, i began to fall in love with the show and now i'm frustrated that i have to wait till March for episode 12

Saturday, January 23, 2016


Pk, so, last time, i joined a giveaway for the first time. This time, i'm joining a segment... Haha. After all, there's always a first time for everything...

Friday, January 15, 2016

'Shawls Giveaway by Lollipop Manis' #1st time try join giveaway

Ok, so based on the title, I think you've all got the idea...

This is my first time joining a giveaway....

So, anyway anyhow..... Hahaha

p/s : i actually never thought of joining a giveaway... But, there's a first time for everything, right? Hohoho