Saturday, October 31, 2015

Bored till the last drop

Ok, so, since exam's over, i don't really know what to do. I mean, all this while, in this school, it was so busy that there was no time to do nothing. There was always activity. But now, there's so much time with so little thing to do.

So, until now, the only thing i've done so far is watching movies with my dormmates and reading novels. And sleep. That's my life now. Novels, movie, sleep and chat. Oh, and also, youtube. I actually opened it every single day just to check if there are any new music videos. What a life.

I was thinking, maybe i should start writing. A novel, maybe. But, i'm not much of a writer. Besides, my English is still not good enough. Grammar mistakes everywhere.

Thursday, October 29, 2015


EXAM IS OVER!            EXAM IS OVER!            EXAM IS OVER!
   EXAM IS OVER!            EXAM IS OVER!            EXAM IS OVER!
      EXAM IS OVER!            EXAM IS OVER!            EXAM IS OVER!
         EXAM IS OVER!            EXAM IS OVER!            EXAM IS OVER!
            EXAM IS OVER!            EXAM IS OVER!            EXAM IS OVER!
         EXAM IS OVER!            EXAM IS OVER!            EXAM IS OVER!
      EXAM IS OVER!            EXAM IS OVER!            EXAM IS OVER!
   EXAM IS OVER!            EXAM IS OVER!            EXAM IS OVER!
EXAM IS OVER!            EXAM IS OVER!            EXAM IS OVER!

Monday, October 12, 2015

How things change

How can it be like this?
How did this all started?
Why can't we be like how we used to?
Why does it have to be like this?
I hate this...
This awkwardness....
This hatred.....
This...... THIS!!

Although we're not technically bonded
At least we're in peace
Living together under one roof

But then things change

They declared war on us

Friday, October 09, 2015

Annual Dinner

Hey guys. Not so long since i last wrote. So, now that i have free time, i'm gonna tell ya guys about my Librarians Annual Dinner which was held  last 5 October.

So, in my school, we have annual dinner for every special bodies. From prefects, to Quarter Master. We, the form 4s of each bodies have to organize it.

Okay, straight to the point. The librarians annual dinner was held at Hotel Istana. It's in KL. It's like, 15 minutes journey from my school. It is a 5-star hotel, so, you get the idea.

So, we arrived at about 2030, and stayed till about 2130. The food was wonderful, the hotel was pretty, I actually have a good time. Eventhough there was a little issue at first, but then, it goes on smoothly. Honestly, i never expected it to be amazing, so when it turns out just fine, i actually felt happy.

I don't have much time. So, that's all. Tata

Friday, October 02, 2015

How reckless of me.....

Ok, so, because our outing has been cancelled due to the haze, i decided to fulfill my promise. I am going to tell you guys about the accident in Chemistry Lab.

So, it happened last Thursday. For Chemistry that day, our teacher asked us to do an experiment on neutralisation - titration method -. I partnered up with my friend. We start gathering the apparatuses and materials and put it on our working table. So, after that, I set up the burette while my friend pipetted the sodium hydroxide solution. So, after setting up the burette, i put the retort stand on a lab chair so that the 0.00 reading is direct with my eye level. After adjusting it a bit, i started to pour hydrochloric acid into the burette. But, I poured it excessively until it is over the 0.00 reading. So, as the teacher asked us to make sure it is accurate, I put the beaker under the tip and start turning the stopcock. But, no liquid came out so, i turn a bit more and the acid started flowing heavily. I panicked. I turned the stopcock to stop the acid from flowing, but i turned the wrong way, It started to flow more heavily. Realising that, i quickly turned the stopcock the other way and my hands ACCIDENTLY pushed the beaker underneath the tip and BAM! The acid has stopped flowing but the beaker fell to the floor and broke. I was like "Teacher!!! I didn't mean to!". And the teacher was like, "Haaa! Told you to be careful. Now pay. That thing is expensive". And I was like, "I didn't mean to. It was accident". Then the teacher asked me what is in the beaker. I told her that it was hydrochloric acid. Then the teacher asked me to ask the lab assistant for a broom and a dustpan. Then, the teacher asked us to move to other table. So, my friend moved the thing while i swept the broken glass.

After that, we continued our experiment. It goes well except for the 2nd reading. My friend poured the acid over the 0.00 reading and i turned the stopcock later than supposed to. So, we messed up our second reading. And it affects our average reading so, our last solution - the one we did without the indicator using the average volume of acid obtained from the three experiments before it - becomes acidic. I still have the pH paper with me.

Anyway, I don't know what's wrong with me that day. I don't know why i'm so reckless. But, what's done is done.

That's all. I'm going for . Bye

Thursday, October 01, 2015

Summary of what to come

Ok, so today i'm not gonna write long entries as i have limited time. I'll try to write during this Saturday or Sunday. So, in my next entry, i'm going to tell you guys about the recent experiment i did for Chemistry.