Friday, October 09, 2015

Annual Dinner

Hey guys. Not so long since i last wrote. So, now that i have free time, i'm gonna tell ya guys about my Librarians Annual Dinner which was held  last 5 October.

So, in my school, we have annual dinner for every special bodies. From prefects, to Quarter Master. We, the form 4s of each bodies have to organize it.

Okay, straight to the point. The librarians annual dinner was held at Hotel Istana. It's in KL. It's like, 15 minutes journey from my school. It is a 5-star hotel, so, you get the idea.

So, we arrived at about 2030, and stayed till about 2130. The food was wonderful, the hotel was pretty, I actually have a good time. Eventhough there was a little issue at first, but then, it goes on smoothly. Honestly, i never expected it to be amazing, so when it turns out just fine, i actually felt happy.

I don't have much time. So, that's all. Tata

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