Wednesday, March 04, 2015

- feeling dissapointed :(

Till today, it's been a week since i started at the Science School. And, i'm feeling terrible homesick. I really wanna go home. If i got a chance to go back to my old school, i think i'll take it. But, unfortumately, there's none.

Still, i can't believe i miss my family. Now i realized that i love them after all.

Here, nothing is like what i thought it would be. It'scompletely different. I wonder how Bina is doing in SAMURA. I really wanna talk to her. Ergh! I hate this silence. It makes me think. And i don't wanna think. Especially about home. It makes me sad and i'll question my decision of coming here.

Living here makes me realize that after all this while, i love my old school. All this time, i've been eager to leave the school, but now, i wanna go there again. I miss Cikgu Aisah. I actually think of her on my first bio class here. I wonder how Nisa is doing. I'm sure she fits in well.n Well, she's a nice girl. Who wouldn't like her, right?


I wanna go home. I wanna meet my friends. I wanna meet my family. I actually miss them. I can't believe myself. I can't believe i actually miss Akif and Luq. They're like the most annoying bros EVER!

A week to go before i finally can go back home for a week holiday. I really hope i can meet Bina, Anisa, Wawa and Jiha. Farah? I don't know. Maybe i could meet up with her. I really wanna know how she's doing in Kelantan. Wonder if she's speaking Kelantanese. Haha. I can't imagine she speak Kelantanese.

That's all for now. Stay updated. Bye

I'm not sure i miss my buddy. Haha #jk  of course i don't.

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