Friday, December 26, 2014

Looks like I'm wrong all this while...

Ok. Once i'm wondering why the hell people just love listening to music. And once, tbh, i hate it when people said they listen to music to ease their stress. I mean, is music relaxing? And now, i found the answer. Music IS relaxing. Why?? Well, if you guys are like me -the type of person who always seem to be unsattisfied of most books and movies ending- then you'll find music relaxing. Cuz you don't have to think of a better ending. By better, i mean, the one that you like.

Well then, why don't i play games? Cuz seriously, games makes me stress. Especially when i lose. I would never relax while playing games. Talking abt games, my brother wanted to play Assassin's Creed. But, i think he better play Zelda. Well, he's a 9-year old. And he never even play with x-box and etc. I played ps2 once, and i think it's really hard. I can't control the cart. It keeps colliding with the walls. I really am bad at using a game pad. It's easier to play games on a computer using a keyboard.

Ok, back to music. I still am wondering what the hell makes me suddenly into this songs stuff. Well, tbh, i think it's the hormones. Even if it's not it, i'll still blame it. What can i do, it's the only logical explanation for my sudden love to listening to songs. What else to blame? Right. NOTHING. So, it's gotta be it.

Kk. That's all for today. Gotta get back to Jessie. Don't judge.

p/s: I actually wanna watch Henry Danger. But, the 12th episode won't be out till next year. So, i watched till the 11th episode and now, i've gotta wait next year. Again, don't judge. But, when i come to think of it, who doesn't watch Disney and Nickelodeon, right?

Saturday, December 20, 2014

I really could use a book right now

Hey. I don't really know what to do, so i decided to write in this blog. It's been a little dusty here. I can see cobwebs everywhere.

Anyway, last week, my sister went to Big Bad Wolf with her friend. I wanna go with them at first, but then i change my mind cuz my friend can't make it. Her mom and dad won't let her go. Hmmmhhh.... But, i already get over that. What i still not get over is the fact that my sister DID went to watch Big Hero 6! I still can't believe she really did that. She told me the plan before, but it never crossed my mind that she's serious. But, i'm kinda beginning to get over it.

Anyway, she bought me a book. The title is 'Born at Midnight'. I haven't finish reading it yet, and that's because i don't wanna finish it so fast. I always seem to finish books so fast that i have nothing to read. And nothing to read means Eternal Boredom. Except if i have my tab and a clear wi-fi. then i'll be happy.

Anyway, i just abt to transfer the photos in my camera into my pendrive when suddenly, a pop-up window appears. It stated there 'You need 1.80GB more memory bla bla bla'. I was like ''Damn whaaat. My 8GB pendrive's full? Just what did i put in it''. And so i checked. And it only consists school works and photos. So, i decided to transfer the photos into the computer. It turned out not a very bad idea after all. And now my pendrive's not full again. Yeay!!!

So, guess that's all for now. I'll write again soon. Till then, bye.

p/s: PT3 result gonna come out soon. 22nd December. Hope I got straight A's.

p/p/s: I just finish downloading Taylor Swift's song. Guess i'm becoming her fan now