Sunday, April 12, 2015

PISA camp day 1

Today i went to SASS for PISA camp. And guess what, it's not as boring as i thought it would be. It's kinda fun, actually. And the school's prettier than mine. Today's the first day, so the first slot is ice-breaking. We were divided into 12 groups according to our rows. My friend and I are in the same group. So, our group consists of 6 girls from my school including me, a girl and 3 boys from SMKC -i can't remember what it stands for- and 6 boys from ASIS. And they're all sporting, except for the girl, she's just so quiet.

So the first thing we have to do is to create a name and cheer for our team. And the name must have the word PISA in it. It's kinda lame.... So, our group name is PISA-vengers. And as for the cheer, we actually use Dendro's cool-fool cheer. And the presenter actually like our cheer. Haha.

Next, we play give-give-give-take-give. And we actually succeeded once. But, at that time, the presenters weren't looking, so we gotta do it again. And this time, we failed. :'(  After that, we play bom-bom and XY. And we have to answer a few question regarding our interest of PISA. Oh, and one thing i learn after playing XY is....

Those who back-stab others will not succeed.

The second slot is learning about SDS and i can't remember the other one. And i was answering the PISA when Ms. Aida ask me if the question is difficult. So, me as an honest person said, "It's not so hard. The practices is harder". And she said,"I'm so glad to hear that". Haha

Well, that's all for me. Maybe i'll write again tomorrow. Till then. Bye

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