Monday, April 13, 2015

PISA camp day 2

The second day was fun. There are three slots altogether. Science, math and reading. The science one was fun. I love the parachute experiment. That's the highlight of the slot. For science, we are divided into the same group as yesterday. And my friend has finally conquered her fear. And she's kinda over-excited today.

Math is okay but a bit boring. As for reading, we are divided into new groups. I'm in group 4 along with 2 other girl from my school, 3 ASIS boys, 2 SMSS boys and 1 SM(M)W girl. It's kinda fun to be in group with them, although a little bit hectic. Lots of funny things happen today. Especially with them.

One of it is at station number 1 -which is the eighth station for us as we start at the fourth station-, the topic there is hand-wash. There are three activity there. We took a very long time to finish the first task, so when we just bout to start the third task, the whistle which means we have to move to another station was heard. But the teacher said it's okay to finish it first as no other team was coming yet. So, the third task is, we have to think of a way to wash hands without water. And so, the guys' babbles began. At last minute, we chose leaf. We have to draw a flow map on how to wash hand using that thing. The one's gonna do the flow map is actually a girl from my school. But, upon seeing she write too slow -my guess is, she wanna make sure her writing is beautiful in front of the boys-, I took the pen from her and began scribbling.

Choose a suitable leaf. -> Rub your hands with the leaf until they are clean -> Throw away the leaf

The funniest part is the throw away the leaf. I actually laugh when writing it and they laughed when saying it.

It's getting late. I'll write again sometimes. Till then. Bye

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