Wednesday, August 10, 2016

We did our last outreach yesterday

Finally, we finished all our outreaches.
From physics, to bio and chemistry, and finally addmaths.
It was tiring.
I mean, three wednesdays in a row.
But it was fun, too.
I enjoyed WeChem the best.
I felt like all my hard work and all the money I spent for the board is worth it.
I get to explain to people and make them understand the topic.
It felt good, you know.
This may sound a wee bit selfish - especially seeing how most people are worn out - but i really wish we could do it again.
All the outreaches, i mean.
Physics Outreach, Bio Fast Forward, WeChem and AddMathsGold.
It was truly a good way for us to enhance our teaching skills and understanding on the topics.
Most people would probably say, 'If they wanna do another outreach, i'm out'.
But, don't the think it's good that we can meet new people, and make new friends.
Although, me myself was not that chatty type of person.
Unlike most other people.
I'm basically incognito.
I tried to become chatty, but it will turn out awkward.
Sometimes I wish i get the friendly trait my mom has.

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