Sunday, March 13, 2016

There are two sides of everyone

Everyone have two sides. A public one, and a hidden one. The first one is publicly displayed, so that everyone can see it. But the second one......

The second one only arises when the person is either alone, or in a place where only few people around. So, basically, it is a side where people hardly see.

Not all person can see the other side of someone, either they are too distracted to notice it or they do not even want to acknowledge it. So, whoever sees the other side of someone, they are actually lucky. Why? It is because you know something about that person that not many knows. It is their true self.

You must be wondering why I suddenly write about this. Well, because today, I saw something, a part of someone that i never thought existed within her. A part that is too different from the one she shows in public.

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