Friday, November 28, 2014

I'm not in the mood to figure out a title

I don't exactly know what to write today. I'm thinking to write a review, but then i realize that i'm not really good at writing and playing with words. So, i decided to put the idea aside. And now, i'm still thinking what to write in this blog to make it more reader-friendly.

Anyway, my friend introduced a band to me. And now, i'm fangirling over them more than she used to. Haha. Used to. I know the word seems bad, but that's the fact. Now, she's fangirling over BVB. She even feels bad when she can't differentiate the band members with their makeup on. She said it makes her feel like she's not a real fan. It's funny actually that she got this idea from an fb user's status update.

Although i listen to bands, please don't think i'm an emo girl. Cuz i am not. So do my friend. Although, sometimes she said she's an emo girl. But i didn't really believe it. Why? It's because she doesn't really act like one. She's really into beauty stuffs, and from my observation, emo girls are NOT into beauty stuffs.

Ok. So the band i'm talking about is.......

Tada!!!! It's ATL!!! Oh i just love their songs. My favorite is 'Somewhere In Neverland'. It's like the best song EVER! My friend first introduced me this band by insisting i hear 'A Love Like War' and watch the OMV. Soon after i did as she insisted, I FELL IN LOVE with the band. And i started to search their other songs in Youtube.

Well, I also listen to some other musicians. It's kinda lame and boring if you only listen to one type of song, don't you think. I also listen to Fall Out Boy, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Demi Lovato and some other which i can't seem to remember right now.

That's all for now. Bye

p/s: I really hope I get 8A's for my PT3. I tried my best and now, what's left is just to wait for the results to come out this December. #prayforme #8AforPT3

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